Welcome to Lawrence Animal Hospital

     We understand the human/pet bond is a special relationship between a pet and an individual or even the whole family.  Lawrence Animal Hospital is a small companion animal hospital located in Quincy, Fla.  Our healthcare team is committed to provide each individual pet owner with information on the early detection of disease and parasites that our pets come in contact with every day.

     When you welcome a new pet in your home, it very important to get the pet examined by a Veterinarian.  Our Puppy/Kitten Care Program starts from birth and continues on till your pet passes on to that special place in your heart.  Diet, exercise, vaccinations, worming, and preventive medications such as the once a month heartworm, flea and tick control medications are very important for the survival of your new pet.  As well as yearly visits to your local Veterinarian to gather information on your pet as they get older to ensure that you our client will enjoy many years with your new family member.

     Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pets life.  We welcome you again.  Please contact us at (850) 627-8338 if you have any questions concerning your pets health care needs.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.   Thank you again!! 

Also We would like to introduce Little Friends Pet Lodge LLC   Boarding and Grooming.  Owner Angela Geary located in the same building as Lawrence Animal Clinic (Hospital).  Call 627-8338 for Grooming appointments and Boarding reservations.   Thank you..