About Us

     An Animal Clinic has existed at our current location for more than 50 years.  Dr. Porter practiced here until 1968.  At which time Dr. Trotman took over, and then the clinic was known as Trotman Animal Hospital until 1978, when Dr. Lawrence bought the practice, and renamed the clinic Lawrence Animal Hospital.

     When Dr. Trotman practiced here, this clinic was out in the country.  The land now occupied by Winn-Dixie and Pizza Hut was a pasture and stable.  In 1978 the land  that is now occupied by Century 21 and McDonalds was a junkyard, and there was a large field which was later developed into the IGA shopping center.

    We would like to thank our clients for their continued support, and trust.  We understand that your pet is considered a part of the family, so our Puppy and Kitten Health Care Program starts at birth and continues on till your pet passes onto that special place in your heart.  We want your pet to be a part of your family for many, many years to come.    We thank you again!!!